WRC Agenda

Archived updates

4 Sep 2018
Preliminary list of prequalified rogainers for the WRC 2019 is available. The last PQE, Finnish Champs, will be added next week. Please check the names and report any mistake to: jan.tojnar@rogaining.cz.
2 Aug 2018
The list of prequalified events for the WRC 2019 is on-line now. Hoping all the PQE results will be gained in the end of August and the list of the prequalified entrants would be available before the WRC 2019 entry process is started.
21 Oct 2015
The list of prequalified entrants for the WRC 2016 is available now. If anybody has been omitted, please mail to jan.tojnar@rogaining.cz.
29 Aug 2015
Entry process of WRC 2016 is approaching. Phase 1 opens in October 23 and closes in November 5. The list of the prequalified entrants is now being created and will be published before the start of the Entry Phase 1.
27 Aug 2015
The13th WRC 2015 in Finland has been succesfully accomplished. Congrats to the organisers and all participants.
Results, GPS tracking of selected teams and route drawing using Route Gadget are available on the event website
18 Jul 2015
Deadline of the selection process seeking for a group of potential WRC 2018 organizers has passed. As I haven´t received any Expression of Interest up to June 30, it seems no WRC event will be conducted in 2018. We are going to start seeking of Expressions of Interest for the WRC 2019 early in 2016. Europe will be the preferred Region again.
1 Dec 2014
Entry process of the13th WRC 2015 in Finland is ready to start. All pre-qualified rogainers are eligible to enter during period December 1, 2014 - January 15, 2015. The list of prequalified entrants is available now.
All mistakes please report to mail: jan.tojnar@rogaining.cz.
28 Oct 2014
The International Rogaining Federation (IRF) has awarded the rights to host the 15th World Rogaining Championships to the Latvian Orienteering Federation in conjunction with Orienteering Club Ziemeļkurzeme. Read more in Official Press Release.
27 Oct 2014
The IRF Advisor Jonathan Sutcliff visited the WRC 2015 race area in September and was happy with the preparation progress. The organizers has released Message from Course Setter. The document provides basic information on terrain, expected weather conditions, map key specialities etc. Very useful esp. for those who have never visited Lapland.
The race area has been covered by snow now, the WRC course will be finalized in spring.
22 Aug 2014
On August 16th and 17th, the 12th World Rogaining Championships 2014 was held in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
The results of the competition that attracted more than 400 rogainers from 22 countries will be available on the event website.
22 Aug 2014
Exactly one year left to the start of the WRC 2015 in Finland. The organizers are very satisfied with the current situation regarding the arrangements. Read more on the IRF website or on the event website.
29 Oct 2013
The list of prequalifying events (PQE) for the 12th WRC 2014 in USA has been completed and the list of prequalified entrants is available now. If anybody has been omitted, please mail to jan.tojnar@rogaining.cz.
On Friday November 1 the Phase # 1 of the WRC 2014 Entries will be opened. All the Pre-Qualified Entrants wishing to take advantage from their Pre-Qualifying Status MUST register during this period (dead line on Friday November 15).
27 Sep 2013
The list of prequalifying events (PQE) for the 12th WRC 2014 in USA containing competition results has been accomplished. Please report any mistake in result tables to e-mail of the WRC Manager. By the end of October 2013 a list of prequalified entrants for the WRC 2014 will be revealed.
The WRC Issues Calendar has been updated as well including the most important forthcoming term - November 1 2013, when the Phase #1 of WRC 2014 Entry Registration opens.
28 Jul 2013
The Ensaar brothers defended the Title of the Overall World Rogaining Champions at 11th WRC in Russia. Detailed results are to be find on the WRC website.
16 Jul 2013
Australia has been selected as the site of the 14th World Rogaining Championships in 2016. Congratulations.
28 Jun 2013
The IRF Executive has awarded the 13th World Rogaining Championships to Kalke Ry, Finland. Great congratulations to Finnish rogainers - even the second Finnish bid (EVO) got the second highist number of votes :-).
13 Jun 2013
July 26 – 27, 2013 the 11th World Rogaining Championships will be held in Pustoshka, Pskov region, Russia. Detailed information are to be find on the WRC 2013 website.
12 Jun 2013
WRC Manager's website has been launched in order to provide information on forthcoming and past WRCs, e.g. agenda of WRC Selection Process, current WRC Entry Criteria etc