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4 Sep 2018
Preliminary list of prequalified rogainers for the WRC 2019 is available. The last PQE, Finnish Champs, will be added next week. Please check the names and report any mistake to: jan.tojnar@rogaining.cz.
2 Aug 2018
The list of prequalified events for the WRC 2019 is on-line now. Hoping all the PQE results will be gained in the end of August and the list of the prequalified entrants would be available before the WRC 2019 entry process is started.
21 Oct 2015
The list of prequalified entrants for the WRC 2016 is available now. If anybody has been omitted, please mail to jan.tojnar@rogaining.cz.
29 Aug 2015
Entry process of WRC 2016 is approaching. Phase 1 opens in October 23 and closes in November 5. The list of the prequalified entrants is now being created and will be published before the start of the Entry Phase 1.
27 Aug 2015
The13th WRC 2015 in Finland has been succesfully accomplished. Congrats to the organisers and all participants.
Results, GPS tracking of selected teams and route drawing using Route Gadget are available on the event website

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USA will host the 17th WRC in 2020.

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Past World Rogaining Championships

1st World Rogaining Championships 1992 9 Oct–10 Oct 1992 Beechworth, Victoria, Australia Australian Rogaining Association
2nd World Rogaining Championships 1996 31 Aug–1 Sep 1996 Mt Singleton, Western Australia, Australia Australian Rogaining Association
3rd World Rogaining Championships 1998 4 Aug–5 Aug 1998 Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada Sage Orienteering and Rogaining Club
4th World Rogaining Championships 2000 15 Jan–16 Jan 2000 Christchurch, North Canterbury, New Zealand NZRA
5th World Rogaining Championships 2002 26 Jul–27 Jul 2002 Lesna, Czech Republic Czech Rogaining Association
6th World Rogaining Championships 2004 8 May–9 May 2004 Tucson, Arizona, USA OUSA
7th World Rogaining Championships 2006 13 Oct–14 Oct 2006 Warrumbungle Mts, NSW, Australia Australian Rogaining Association
8th World Rogaining Championships 2008 13 Sep–14 Sep 2008 Karula National Park, Estonia TAOK Rogaining Club
9th World Rogaining Championships 2010 20 Nov–21 Nov 2010 Cheviot, North Canterbury, New Zealand NZRA
10th World Rogaining Championships 2012 31 Aug–1 Sep 2012 Prebuz, Czech Republic Czech Rogaining Association
11th World Rogaining Championships 2013 26 Jul–27 Jul 2013 Pustoshka, Pskov region, Russian Federation Russian Rogaining Federation
12th World Rogaining Championships 2014 16 Aug–17 Aug 2014 Black Hills, South Dakota, USA Orienteering USA, Black Hills OC, and Peak Assurance, Inc.
13th World Rogaining Championships 2015 22 Aug–23 Aug 2015 Kiilopää, Lapland, Finland Kalke Ry
14th World Rogaining Championships 2016 23 Jul–24 Jul 2016 Ross iver Resort, Northern Territory, Australia Australian Rogaining Association
15th World Rogaining Championships 2017 18 Aug–19 Aug 2017 Razna, Latvia Latvian Rogaining Association
16th World Rogaining Championships 2019 27 Jul–28 Jul 2019 La Molina, Catalunya, Spain IbeRogaine, Federació de Curses d’Orientació de Catalunya (FCOC)